Rahul Tiwari

The queen’s spirit was captured in the cameras of foreign bloggers who went to find out the truth about ghosts in this fort of Rajasthan, you will scream after watching the video

Rajasthan News Desk !!! Bhangarh Fort! Let me tell you a story about it – a fairy-tale with a twist. It is the story of a beautiful princess. She lived in a magnificent fort on a hill in Rajasthan. A poor magician nearby fell in love with her. Then comes the twist in the fairy…

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People’s soul trembles just by hearing the name of the scariest places in India, decide for yourself by watching the video

Rajasthan News Desk !!! There are some mysteries that the more you try to solve them, the more they get entangled. One such secret is buried in Kuldhara village of Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan. This village has been deserted for the last 170 years. A village that became deserted overnight and for centuries people have…

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Facing Criticism Over Stray Cattle, UP Govt Launches Cow Conservation Initiative

Lucknow: In response to the widespread issue of stray cattle highlighted during the recent Lok Sabha elections, the Uttar Pradesh government has embarked on a significant initiative to promote cow conservation. The plan involves constructing 44 cow conservation centers across various districts as part of the broader goal of integrated state development. Farmers have protested against…

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