World Pancreas Cancer: Pancreas Cancer Symptoms

November 16 will be observed as World Pancreatic Cancer Day. This day is celebrated to create awareness about this cancer.

Pancreatic cancer is cancer cells that originate in the pancreas. This Pitta Janasana is very helpful in digesting food and regulating hormones and blood sugar.

Pancreatic cancer is rarely diagnosed in its early stages, it is easier to digest if detected early, but this cancer is more likely to be diagnosed in its late stages. There are many people who ignore it because if they have stomach pain, it could be gastric.

What are the symptoms of pancreas?
* Stomach pain, that pain is also found in the waist.
* loss of appetite
* weight loss
* Yellowing of skin, yellowing of eyes
* loose stool *
itchy skin *
High blood sugar in the body*
swelling pain in hands and feet
* Tiredness

Who is more likely to get pancreatic cancer
* smoking
* Type 2 diabetes
* Swelling
* genetics
* obesity
* People above 65 years of age
* drunker

What causes pancreatic cancer?
Till now no doctor has been able to tell the exact cause of pancreatic cancer, but some of the factors mentioned above increase the chances of pancreatic cancer. It also comes in the form of pancreas cancer gene.

functions of pancreas
The pancreas is a 15 cm long organ located in our stomach. It produces hormones and insulin. Hormones produced by the pancreas help control blood sugar. The bile juice produced from this is very helpful in digestion.

When does pancreatic cancer occur?
Pancreatic cancer occurs when DNA changes occur. DNA particles give instructions on what to do. If there is a difference in the production of these cells then they become cancer cells. When healthy cells die, cancer cells begin to grow. These are cancerous tumors. Gradually these cancer cells start spreading to other parts of the body.

These problems occur when pancreatic cancer progresses

Weight loss: People with pancreatic cancer may lose a lot of weight and experience extreme fatigue. Problems like dizziness, nausea and vomiting are found immediately after eating.
Turmeric Jaundice: If bile is not produced properly, turmeric jaundice occurs, urine color is yellow, there are no symptoms of stomach pain.
Pain: Pancreatic cancer can be very painful. Cancer treatments like chemo can help stop these cancer cells from growing.
How can this type of cancer be prevented?
* Do not smoke
* Limit alcohol consumption
* Maintain a healthy body weight.

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