World Diabetes Day 2023: 7 ‘S’ which can cause diabetes, avoid these habits from today itself to avoid the disease

World Diabetes Day 2023: Diabetes is a very dangerous disease. World Diabetes Day is celebrated every year on 14 November with the aim of making people aware about this disease. Well, diabetes is also genetic and secondly, your chances of getting diabetes are higher due to your poor lifestyle. It is good for a diabetic patient’s blood sugar level to be higher than normal and not lower than normal. You can check its condition through health checkups from time to time. Sudden increase or sudden decrease in sugar level, both the situations are dangerous for the patient. Let us know about some such habits which can cause diabetes.

7 ‘S’ that can cause diabetes


Getting good sleep is very important for good health, it removes stress and by removing stress many problems are reduced. It is very important to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep at night.

sedentary lifestyle

If your physical activity is zero then understand that you are inviting many diseases. Actually, whatever we eat, if we do not take any action, it starts getting stored in the body in the form of fat. Due to which obesity increases. Obesity causes many hormonal changes, which can affect body functions.


Any type of stress can be harmful to health. Stress can increase blood pressure. Due to increase in BP the sugar level also keeps going up and down.


Too much salt in food increases BP and as mentioned above, blood pressure affects sugar levels.


We all know that eating too much sugar or sweets increases the sugar level. If you have a sweet tooth, exercise to ensure that your sugar levels do not rise.


Smoking affects the lungs as well as the heart. Smoking affects the way insulin works.


Consumption of alcohol is also very harmful for health. Due to this, there is every possibility of obesity as well as increase in BP and diabetes.

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