World Cup 2023: Results do matter to keep the dressing room lively, says Rohit Sharma

Several squad members cheered Suryakumar Yadav, who was adjudged the best fielder – an award introduced by India’s fielding coach T. Dilip – against the Netherlands here on Sunday in an innovative manner.

The Chinnaswamy groundstaff held five placards with each one of them mentioning one of the five letters of his name – S, U, R, Y and A.

Given how Surya’s teammates cheered him, India’s lively team environment does stand out and that’s crucial going into the semi-finals of this World Cup.

“The results do matter to keep the dressing room lively,” skipper Rohit Sharma acknowledged. “But we wanted to play with enjoyment on the field and we try our best to keep the atmosphere outside lively, as that’s key.”

Momentum, too, is with India going into Wednesday’s semi-final clash against New Zealand, Dilip pointed out. “We’ll look to play to our standards. Also, we had done really well against New Zealand in Dharamsala.


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