Workers did not leave even after 80 hours, colleagues lost patience, clashed with rescue team

There was an uproar during the rescue operation being carried out to save the workers at the site of the tunnel accident that took place in Uttarkashi on Sunday. The colleagues of the workers trapped in the tunnel have created a ruckus. They also work as laborers in the tunnel. The workers creating ruckus also pushed and shoved the rescue team. They allege that the rescue team is doing the rescue work at a very slow pace.

Those who created the ruckus have accused the team of negligence. It has been more than 80 hours since the tunnel accident. 40 laborers are still trapped in the tunnel and a rescue operation is being conducted to rescue them. However, no success has been achieved so far in the rescue operation. Even the heavy machines brought to rescue the workers from the tunnel are not able to support.

There was scuffle with the rescue team

On Wednesday, other workers present outside the tunnel expressed displeasure over the rescue work. The workers started pushing and shoving the rescue team, accusing them of working slowly. The officers present on the spot, after convincing those creating ruckus, assured that the trapped workers would be taken out of the tunnel as soon as possible. There is a crowd of laborers at the spot. Officers and police force are also present.

No success in rescue operation

The work of building the second tunnel was started on Tuesday to rescue the workers trapped in the tunnel. The work of making tunnel from mile steel pipe was being done with the help of earth agar machine. As soon as an attempt was made to insert mild steel pipe in the debris to make a tunnel, a landslide occurred. Due to landslide, debris came there again. Because of this the process of constructing the second tunnel was disrupted.

American Earth Agar Machine being called

District Magistrate Abhishek Ruhela, who is supervising the rescue work, said that the soil digging auger machine and 900 mm diameter pipes were delivered on Tuesday morning itself. After this the process of drilling the tunnel was started. But success was not achieved in this. Now soon the American Earth Agar Machine is being brought into the tunnel, which will help in quick rescue.

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