Women and elderly people will be given darshan of Ram temple…Rajnath Singh’s promise to the people of MP – Khel Ja – Khel Ja

Madhya Pradesh is fully prepared for the upcoming assembly elections. All political parties are trying hard to capture power in the state. BJP and Congress are holding rapid rallies. Various types of election promises are also being made to the public in these rallies. Under this, today Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh visited Javra in Madhya Pradesh, where he said that the elderly and women will be taken to Ayodhya to visit the Ram temple.

Addressing a public meeting in Javra assembly constituency of Ratlam district, the Defense Minister said that the BJP has decided that if the party regains power in the state, the party will allow all the elderly and women to visit Ayodhya to have darshan of Lord Ram. Will take. The Defense Minister said that BJP started its political journey in 1980. The party had said at the same time that when BJP gets full majority in both the Houses of Parliament, then no one will be able to stop a grand temple of Lord Ram from being built in Ayodhya, and also said that now Ram temple is being built, that is why next year. He has come to invite the people of the state to the consecration ceremony to be held on January 22.

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‘BJP abolished triple talaq’

In his address during the rally, Rajnath Singh, while referring to triple talaq, said that earlier the husbands of sisters of one sect used to pronounce triple talaq and separated from them and broke their marriage, but BJP has implemented triple talaq without caring about any vote. A law was made to end the practice of divorce so that this does not happen to sisters and daughters.

Rajnath Singh targeted Congress

During this, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh fiercely targeted the Congress on the issue of poverty. He said that the Congress, which gave the slogan of eradicating poverty, ruled the country for 50-55 years but could not eliminate poverty from the country. Along with this, he accused the previous Congress government in the state that Kamal Nath government had stopped many schemes of the Central Government in the state due to political malice.

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Rajnath Singh praised PM Modi

Apart from this, Rajnath Singh recited ballads in praise of PM Modi in his election rally. He said that under the rule of Narendra Modi government, India has emerged as a strong nation in the world. He said that Modi government has curbed the corruption prevalent in the country. Along with this, he said that because of PM, India has got a distinct identity in the world.

Let us tell you that assembly elections are to be held in Madhya Pradesh on 17th November, while the results will be declared on 3rd December. All the parties have fielded their candidates for 230 seats in the state. There is a direct contest between BJP and Congress in the state, while SP, BSP, Aam Aadmi Party have also entered the electoral battle.

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