With the help of these two things, you too can make your kitchen sparkling in minutes, know

Recipe News Desk!!! As soon as Diwali arrives, cleaning of the kitchen starts. There are many things in the kitchen, not just the floor, tiles or sink, but cleanliness is very important. Even if we clean the kitchen every week, dirt always remains. Another reason for the mess in the kitchen is that all the things kept outside easily get dirty and dirty due to oil, spices, steam and heat. So in today’s article, we have brought for you an excellent way to remove kitchen dirt, with this the dirt will be cleaned very well.

Ingredients to remove kitchen dirt

  • iron pan
  • a packet of shampoo
  • Add one teaspoon caustic soda
  • an old comb
  • old socks
  • How to make cleaner for cleaning
  • To make kitchen cleaner, first heat a pan and add a packet or a spoon of shampoo in it.
  • Now add some water to it and add caustic soda and mix it with a spoon.
  • After adding caustic soda, a reaction will occur so you have to be careful otherwise your hands may get burnt.
  • When both shampoo and soda mix well and dissolve, take it out in a wide vessel or tray.

How to clean the kitchen with this solution

  • Before cleaning, wear gloves on both your hands, so that this paste or solution does not dry out your hands.
  • Take an old comb and a sock and dip the sock in the shampoo solution with the comb inside it.
  • Now apply the solution on stains, dirt and sticky areas with the help of a spoon or scrubber.
  • Apply the solution on the dirty area with the help of a comb and rub it.
  • Start rubbing thoroughly after 5-7 minutes. You can use laundry brush, toothbrush, scrub to clean the dirt.
  • After rubbing the dirt thoroughly, wash it with water or wipe it with a sponge.
  • Both caustic soda and shampoo are great for cleaning all types of kitchen stains and dirt.
  • Instead of using more things to clean the kitchen this Diwali, use shampoo and caustic soda.
  • Apart from this, making this solution in the pan will also clean the dirt of the pan.

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