Winter Health Care: Spend 15 minutes every day in winter, diseases will stay away from you.

Winter Health Care: Winter season has started with pink cold. Food and drink become even more important in winter. However, this season is also important for building health. Sunlight is especially important in winter. In winter, people sit in the sun to avoid cold, but in this season sunlight not only protects us from cold but also affects our skin and body. Regular exposure to sunlight can provide many benefits to the body, but to avoid cold, people wear warm clothes due to which the body does not get direct sunlight and the risk of many diseases increases. To avoid health problems in winter, one should take sunlight for 15 minutes every morning.

Benefits of sunlight


1. Sunlight has properties that reduce the risk of various types of infections affecting the skin. Exposure to sunlight causes the body to produce enough WBCs to fight disease-causing factors.

2. Sun exposure is very beneficial for children. Especially for babies who have stopped drinking mother’s milk, 15 minutes of sunlight provides them with Vitamin D.


3. Health experts say that people who have cancer should consume sunlight in winter to get relief from the disease. Many studies have shown that people who take sunlight have a reduced risk of cancer.

4. Daily exposure to sunlight provides the body with Vitamin D, which helps in strengthening bones. Apart from this, sunbathing also provides relief from joint pain, cold, cough and body pain.


5. By sunbathing for 15 minutes, melatonin hormone is produced in our body. This hormone helps in getting good and deep sleep. Apart from this, it also reduces mental stress.

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