Why do you feel tired all the time and don’t feel like doing anything? The real reason is not your diet – Khel Ja – Khel Ja

Feeling lazy all the time: Laziness comes all the time, body feels heavy and there is no satisfaction in any work… You are taking a healthy diet, eating nothing but nutritious food, yet you are troubled by these. , then this is due to those daily habits, which keep depleting the energy of your body. That means keep reducing your energy. What are these habits and why does this happen, know here. Also, control these habits as soon as possible, you will feel your energy level increasing manifold…

Are you drinking less water?

People who drink less water have reduced energy levels due to dehydration. In such a situation, even a healthy diet is not able to show its full effect. Therefore, take water in full quantity. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily.

Iron deficiency in the body?


If we drink a lot of water and take a healthy diet, but still the body remains tired all the time, then the reason could be iron deficiency in the body. Another way to identify this deficiency is excessive anger along with fatigue, pain in the legs and mood swings all the time. In such a situation, increase the amount of beans, spinach, butter and dry fruits in your diet and also consult a doctor.

Do you want perfection in everything?

Some people want perfection in everything and it is impossible to do so. Because for that you have to work hard and even after that you do not get satisfaction. In such a situation, fatigue dominates the mind. The way to do this is to increase perfection in your work, first of all set a time limit for your work. Follow this and then focus on grooming yourself in your free time. Its effect will bring positive changes in your work.

Do you have any fear of the unknown?

Generally, people who have had a very conflicted childhood or have experienced some deep trauma suffer from a kind of unconscious fear. In such a situation, every small and big challenge of life scares them. For example, if suddenly the boss calls into the cabin, he is filled with fear. Such fear reduces your efficiency and makes you very tired. To avoid this, take help from a psychologist.

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