Why did Mohammed Shami say, ‘I want to become a horse’

The Indian cricket team is in great form at the moment. This team, captained by Rohit Sharma, has made it to the semi-finals of the ODI World Cup-2023 by winning nine consecutive matches. The most important reason for the team’s success has been bowling. The Indian team has not allowed any team to score 300 runs against itself in this high-scoring World Cup. Even against strong teams like New Zealand and England, Indian bowlers created such havoc that the world kept watching. If anyone impressed you the most in this, it was Mohammed Shami. Shami did not play in the initial matches, but since he has played, he has become a threat to the batsmen. Former Indian team bowling coach Bharat Arun has said a big thing on Shami’s success. Arun has told what is the secret of Shami’s success.

Bharat Arun has written a column in the website ESPNcricinfo in which he has told the secret of Shami’s success. Arun has told that Shami once called him and said that he wants to become a successful bowler and run like a horse. Arun has written that Shami is looking in excellent form throughout this World Cup and is running brilliantly.

strong from within

Arun has written that fast bowling means that the bowler should have the feeling that he has rhythm and confidence and on the basis of these he does well. According to Arun, this is what is inside Shami at this time. He has great rhythm and confidence. Arun has told that his runup is excellent due to which he gets the rhythm and then with his brilliant action, he throws the ball as if someone has thrown a stone on water. He gave this example. He told that the 10-ball spell that Shami bowled to Ben Stokes in the match against England shows the rhythm he is in. Arun said that Shami uses different angles for his brilliant run up and also makes excellent use of the bowling crease. Arun said that Shami uses the crease very well.

Seam position is excellent

Arun praised Shami’s seam position. He said that very few people have the seam position that Shami has and apart from Shami, he has seen such seam position only in former Indian fast bowler S Sreesanth. He said that Shami’s seam is such that it cannot be predicted where the ball will go after falling.

Test thinking in ODI

Giving another reason for Shami’s success, Arun wrote that he is being successful in ODIs because he is bringing Test match thinking into his bowling. Shami is bowling with line-length in Tests in ODIs. Arun told that earlier Shami used to lose his patience but now he has become completely mature and now his motive is to test the batsman. Arun has also given a message to Shami at the end of this article. Arun has written that he has not spoken to Shami during the World Cup but he wants to tell Shami, ‘You are running like a horse, the way you are bowling. Shami had told Arun that he has to run like a horse, just to perform like this.

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