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The police have now started investigating the roles of his wife Bhavna and a distant relative of PAC Inspector Satish Singh in the murder case in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. According to the police, the role of these two is suspicious in this entire matter, due to which the police is now taking the investigation forward in this direction. After Satish’s murder, his wife had raised many questions on Satish’s character, now a woman living with Satish has accused his wife of having an illicit relationship with someone else.

The girl living with Satish revealed that his wife Bhavana often used to go to meet some young man. This was the reason for the constant tension in the family and there were regular fights between Satish and Bhavna on these issues. Let us tell you that the police is also investigating the role of the relative from whose place Satish was returning after meeting him on Diwali.

The police is examining the CDR in this entire matter and is interrogating his wife Bhavna about his illicit relations. The wife had told in her statement that she had seen the shadow of a person at the same time this accident happened. From Shringar Nagar to Manas Nagar and from illicit relations to sourness in marital life, the police is currently engaged in investigation. At the same time, the police has said that this whole matter will be revealed soon.

According to the police, at present this entire case is being investigated around three women. The police have currently detained the woman with whom Satish allegedly had illicit relations. The police are searching for two people whose statement can solve the mystery of this entire case. According to the police, among these two people, one is the person who fired at Satish, the other is the one with whom Bhavna used to go every day. However, police sources claim that they are very close to solving this case.

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