When will odd-even be implemented in Delhi? AAP minister Gopal Rai announced – Khel Ja

After rain in Delhi-NCR in the last three days, the wind speed increased. During this period the pollution level also reduced. On Diwali day i.e. Sunday, Delhi’s Air Quality Index (AQI) was 215. However, the way firecrackers were burnt in Delhi, UP and Haryana yesterday, the pollution level crossed 300 the next morning i.e. on Monday. Delhi’s Environment Minister Gopal Rai said, thanks to those who did not burn firecrackers, but because of BJP, those who did burn firecrackers, AQI crossed 300.

During this, Gopal Rai said that if Delhi’s air reaches severe category, then Delhi government will implement odd-even in Delhi. He said that if AQI goes above 450 in Delhi, then odd-even will be implemented.

He said, there was a ban on firecrackers in Delhi, yet firecrackers came from Haryana and UP. There should have been a ban there also. If firecrackers came to Delhi, the police should have seen it. BJP has police in all three states. Had it worked properly, the AQI would not have increased by 100 points.

Gopal Rai said, the impact of pollution on Diwali will last for the next 3 to 4 days. The wind speed is going to be slow. It has been decided in the meeting that the rules of GRAP-4 will remain in force till the next order of CAQM.

What things are banned in Delhi and who is exempted?

  • Delhi government minister said, except BS4 diesel vehicles and essential services, the ban on other trucks will also continue.
  • CNG and electric vehicles are exempted.
  • Construction work will remain closed in Delhi. Schools will also remain closed till 18 November.
  • All hot spots of Delhi will be monitored.
  • Anti dust campaign was conducted in Delhi from 7th October to 8th November, 20 thousand sites were inspected. Fine was imposed on 1161 sites, a fine of Rs 2 crore 47 lakh was imposed.
  • Anti dust campaign will be run for 15 days from 14th November to 29th November. 591 teams will continue to work.
  • Anti open burning campaign will be run from 14 November to 14 December.

Gopal Rai said, ‘I also want to appeal to the people of Delhi to download the Green Delhi app on your mobile and give information. The effect of rain in reducing dust is now decreasing. Water sprinkling will be done from tomorrow. Earlier there were 345 sprinklers for water sprinkling, now it has increased to 375.

He said, ‘The sites where 233 anti-smog guns were installed will be continued. Anti smog mobile guns were 192, now there are 215. 106 entry smog guns will be installed on the high rise.

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