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In Munger, Bihar, a husband became so angry that his wife did not bid farewell that he set his motorcycle on fire. After which his bike got burnt in the middle of the road. It is being told that in Dhauri Panchayat area of ​​Tetiya Bamber police station area of ​​the district, a young man had reached his in-laws’ house on a motorcycle to bid farewell to his wife. The in-laws refused to send off the young man’s wife. After which the angry youth parked the motorcycle on the road and set it on fire. When the young man was setting the bike on fire, a large number of people were present there but no one stopped him from doing so. The video of burning the bike is going viral on social media.

Actually the young man had come to Dhauri Panchayat to bid farewell to his wife. The in-laws said that they will bid farewell to their daughter after two days. The young man insisted on bidding farewell that very day, but even then the girl’s family did not agree to it. Then the young man left the place angrily and went a short distance from Dhauri village, parked the bike near a bridge and set it on fire. It is being told that the bike was given to the young man as dowry by his in-laws.

High voltage drama of mother-in-law and son-in-law

Earlier, in Bhagalpur, Bihar, the angry son-in-law had created a high voltage drama on the road due to his wife not being able to bid farewell. He was holding his mother-in-law’s feet in the middle of the road.
He was pleading to send his wife and children to his in-laws’ house. The limit reached when the mother-in-law refused to send her daughter away, so the son-in-law said that if she will not send her daughter away, then you should go along with her. Here the mother-in-law accused the son-in-law of assaulting the daughter for dowry. Mother-in-law said that son-in-law Pankaj beats the daughter for dowry. He throws her out of the house and tells her to bring dowry only then he will keep her in the house. Besides this, he also has a bad addiction to drinking alcohol. Due to troubles from her husband, my daughter lives in her maternal home.

Input-(Sunil, Munger)

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