When uncle’s daughter rejected his love, nephew slit her throat; dead body found on the river bank – Khel Ja

A heart-wrenching incident has come to light in Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh. Here a young man was murdered by slitting his throat. The body of the youth was found near Gangi river in Karanda. At the same time, the police also arrested the murder accused after the encounter. The accused is said to be a resident of Vaishali, Bihar.

The name of the arrested accused is Mohammad Nazir. The name of the deceased is Saqib. Nazir is said to be Saqib’s nephew. According to the information, Nazir was in love with his maternal uncle’s daughter. Saqib came to know about this and also expressed his protest. Nazir was angry about this. Due to this the accused has murdered Saqib.

Was planning to run away to Bihar

Last night the police received information that the murder accused was planning to flee to Bihar. After this, the police intensified the search operation at all the check posts. The police team saw a bike coming from Mainpur, when it was signaled to stop, it started running towards Gosandepur. After this a police team started chasing him. Meanwhile, the accused opened fire on the police team. In such a situation, the police also had to take retaliatory action. The bullet fired by the police hit his leg and he got injured.

dead body found on the river bank

After this the police sent the accused to the district hospital for treatment. During police interrogation, the accused told that he was in love with his maternal uncle’s daughter. But uncle Saqib used to oppose it. On November 26, he tricked his uncle and took him to Karanda, where he slit his throat and killed him and threw his body on the river bank. SP City Gyanendra Prasad said that a pistol, three cartridges and a bike have been recovered from the accused. Along with this, the chapapad used in the murder has also been recovered.

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