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Health Tips- Almost everyone likes to eat curd with food. Doctors also say that eating curd is very beneficial, because it contains many types of vitamins including protein, calcium, which are very beneficial for the body. Some like to eat it by adding sugar and some by adding salt. Some people enjoy the taste of curd without mixing it. Raita is made in all our homes and sugar and salt are also used in it. But many people want to know whether curd should be eaten with salt or not –

Let us tell you that salt has the ability to improve the taste of food. Therefore, adding a little salt to curd does not cause any harm to you. But curd is acidic in nature. Therefore, you should avoid eating curd with excess salt as it can increase the problem of bile and phlegm.

According to doctors, people who have high blood pressure problems should not add salt to curd at all. This increases the risk of stroke, high blood pressure, dementia and other heart diseases. Secondly, eating curd after adding salt to it kills the beneficial bacteria present in it. Such bacteria can improve our digestive system.

If you are buying curd from a shop then it does not contain fat. He has already been thrown out. But if you prepare curd at home, it contains fat. You can use very little salt in this. Anyway, if you freeze curd at home, you will find that salty water comes out of it, which means it has a salt base. The best way is to eat only plain curd. You can also add light jaggery for taste.


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