What Congress left as the last village of the country, BJP is developing it considering it as the first… PM Modi lashed out at his opponents in Rajasthan.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was on an election tour of Rajasthan on Wednesday. Addressing an election rally in Baytu, PM Modi said that the Congress government had left Rajasthan as the last village of the country, we are developing it considering it as the first village of the country. Along with this, PM Modi has also attacked the Ashok Gehlot government of Rajasthan regarding the implementation of central schemes.

The PM further said, just think, why does the courage of terrorists, bullies and rioters increase wherever Congress comes? The answer is- Congress’s appeasement policy. Congress is taking Rajasthan in a direction where the culture and tradition of Rajasthan will be in danger. BJP is necessary in the state to protect the culture of Rajasthan.

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In the rally, the PM said, the whole country is celebrating the festival of Bhai Dooj today and it is my good fortune that I have come today among my sisters of Rajasthan. I also try to solve every problem of my sisters and make your life easier. The whole of Rajasthan is saying that Congress is leaving from here and BJP is coming.

Congress people spend money on virtuous deeds like water: PM

Referring to Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, the PM said that Congress’s box is empty in these two states and now it is Rajasthan’s turn. I send money from Delhi to Jal Jeevan Mission, but these Congress people habitually eat commission in that too. Congress people do business of earning money and do corruption even in a noble cause like water.

‘Congress used to rule power out of fear’

He said, when Congress was in power at the Centre, it used to run the government out of fear. During the Congress rule, after terrorist attacks, requests were made for help from abroad. Today, under the BJP government, terrorists are killed by entering homes. Rajasthan is a state of heroes and heroines. Bravery, bravery, bravery…it is in the veins here, in the soil here. Bravery is born from the womb of every brave mother, but Congress has not learned anything from Rajasthan.

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