Weakness of nerves of the body can cause huge harm, make them stronger by adopting these tips – Khel Ja

Tips to strengthen nerves: To improve physical functions, it is very important to have healthy nerves. The flow of blood and oxygen to our body parts improves through veins. In such a situation, if the nerves become weak then many types of problems start occurring due to this. Therefore it is very important to strengthen the nerves. If your nerves are weak then you should take help of some home remedies for this. With the help of these measures you can strengthen your nerves. Let us know about it-

to the nerves Strong How to do ,

According to media reports, it is very important to take a balanced diet to strengthen the nerves. Include foods rich in fiber, especially fiber, in your diet. Along with this, iron rich diet is also important. Apart from this, nerves can be strengthened in many other ways. Let us know about it-

balanced diet


To strengthen the nerves, eat cauliflower, broccoli, pineapple, oranges, foods rich in vitamin C. Such foods can help you keep your nerves strong. Apart from this, include things like oatmeal, brown rice, broccoli, avocado, pulses in your diet.

irrigate with rock salt water

To keep the veins strong, irrigate with salt water. It can improve the balance between muscles and nerves. Apart from this, magnesium and sulphate are found in rock salt, which strengthens the nerves.

Mustard Oil Massage

To get relief from nerve pain or swelling, massage with mustard oil. Consumption of mustard oil can be helpful in keeping the nerves strong.

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