Waste Detergent Powder Water: Do not throw away the remaining surf water, you can save money by using these methods.

Detergent Powder Waste Water: Detergent water is often left behind after washing clothes. Many people do not understand what to do with this leftover detergent water. Many of us consider this water as dirty and throw it away. If you also throw away the remaining detergent water, then give up this habit from today itself. Leftover detergent water can be useful to you in many ways. With this you can save many rupees every month. Let us know what to do with the remaining detergent water?

doormat cleaning

Spray the Surf solution on the doormat that wipes your feet and shoes. This will remove the dirt from the doormat thoroughly. Additionally, you can also clean mopping cloths with this solution.

ward off insects


You can use the leftover detergent solution to kill insects. For this, add baking soda or lemon juice to the remaining detergent. Now sprinkle this water in the bathroom, drain or on plants. It can drive away insects.

clean the floor

You can also use the leftover detergent water to clean the floor. For this, add a little cleaner or salt to this solution. After this, clean the house with a cloth. This will make the floor shine.

clear wash basin

Detergent solution can be used to clean the wash basin. For this, mix a little lemon juice in surf water. Now clean the sink with this and wash the basin thoroughly. This will make the wash basin shine.

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