Was Rs 5 crore given? ED tightens grip on Rajasthan Congress MLA in ‘sextortion’ case, will trace money trail – Khel Ja – Khel Ja

ED has tightened its grip in the sextortion case of Rajasthan Congress MLA Mevaram Jain. ED will trace the money trail of this case. ED will find out whether Rs 5 crore was provided to the accused? And if this money was given then to whom did it belong? According to ED sources, ED can tighten the screws on many white collar people in the investigation. In this case registered by Rajasthan Police, ED is investigating the case under money laundering.

Let us tell you that Rajasthan Police had registered this case on 29 November 2022 on the complaint of a person named Ramswaroop. After this matter came to light, Congress MLA from Barmer Mevaram Jain had alleged that he was being blackmailed.

Rajasthan Police had registered a case against Dayal, Manju, Shailendra, Piyush Jain, Bhanvarram and Bhagirath Godara. TV9 Bharatvarsh has a copy of the FIR of Rajasthan Police.

ED started investigation under money laundering

According to ED, this sextortion racket is very high profile. The Enforcement Directorate was already investigating under money laundering in the “sextortion” case registered by Rajasthan Police.

Ramswaroop said in his complaint that these people made him drink intoxicants and made obscene CDs of him. Threatened to make the CD public and Rs 5 crores were demanded from him, out of which he has paid Rs 50 lakhs. These people have made obscene CDs of many famous people.

After this, a woman had filed a case against Bhanvarram and Dayal in Barmer on 2 December 2022. In the case registered, he had alleged that these people first edited my sister’s photo and then showed it with Mevaram.

He says that if Mevaram is blackmailed, he can get good money from it, whereas his sister had never met Mevaram.

Police have arrested 5 people including two women

According to sources, some pictures had recently surfaced on social media. After that the MLA had claimed that this matter is quite old. Reportedly, the Enforcement Directorate will look at the CD of MLA Mevaram Jain and investigate whether some people were actually trying to extort money from the MLA.

Let us tell you that Congress has made Mevaram Jain the candidate from Barmer assembly seat. Before this, he had defeated his BJP candidate thrice. At the same time, Rajasthan Police has arrested 5 people including 2 women in this case of Barmel MLA.

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