Walk into the room, take off your clothes… Woman cuts her private parts on force from young man – Khel Ja – Khel Ja

During a dispute with a neighbor in Kaushambi district of Uttar Pradesh, a woman used a knife on the private part of a young man, due to which the young man got seriously injured. On receiving information about the incident, the police arrived and admitted the injured youth to the district hospital, from where he was referred to Prayagraj in critical condition. On the complaint of her family members, the police arrested the woman and started investigation.

The incident took place in Sarifpur village of Manjhanpur Kotwali area. A woman living in the village had a dispute with a young man from the neighborhood over some issue. During the dispute, the woman stabbed the young man with a knife on his private part. The young man suffered serious injuries on his private parts due to the knife attack. Seeing the bleeding, his family ran and informed the police. Police reached the information and sent the injured youth to the district hospital for immediate treatment, from where he was referred to Prayagraj.

The young man was forcing himself on the woman

The woman says that the young man had come to my house and picked me up, took me to the room and started forcing himself on me. There was no one in my house at that time. I protested against his action, but he was not agreeing. The woman told that somehow she escaped from his clutches and went to the kitchen and brought a knife secretly. So that the young man could not see, she kept the knife under the pillow.

A young man was stabbed in his private parts in self-defense.

The woman said that the young man started forcing himself on her again. She was not opposing him because there was no one in the house and the young man could have taken her life. Meanwhile, taking the opportunity, he stabbed the young man’s private part in self-defense, after which he got injured. The woman alleged that the young man wanted to rape her. So I stabbed her private part.

Police arrested the woman, knife also recovered

However, on the complaint of the youth’s family, Manjhanpur police have registered a case against the accused woman under serious sections and have also arrested her. Police say that the matter is being investigated. Whatever the truth, action will be taken on that basis. Regarding the incident, CO Manjhanpur Abhishek Kumar said that the woman has been arrested on the complaint of the youth’s family. The knife has also been recovered. The woman is being interrogated. Whatever facts come to light, action will be taken on that basis.

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