Vitamins Side Effects: Vitamins in excess quantity can be harmful for the body, know the side effects

Indore: You will remain healthy only when all the nutrients are present in the body, that is why elders and doctors all say to eat balanced and nutritious food. Various types of nutrients work to strengthen our body. Vitamins are nutrients that make our body strong.

However, consuming too many vitamins can harm our body. Let us tell you what are the disadvantages of taking too many vitamins-

Negative effects of many vitamins

If you consume too many vitamins it can cause harm. Due to this you may have problem of nausea. You should consume many vitamins like Vitamin A, C and D with caution. Consuming it in excess can cause stomach cramps, diarrhea and vomiting. Excessive consumption of vitamins causes gastrointestinal problems.

Vitamin A and D

If you consume too much Vitamin A, you will face problems like dizziness, headache and even hair loss. If it reaches a serious level then it can become even more dangerous. It can damage your liver and also harm your eyes. Excessive intake of Vitamin D can cause problems like weakness, confusion, kidney stones and heart arrhythmia.

Vitamin B6 and B3

Consuming more than enough vitamins B6 and B3 can cause nerve damage and even liver problems. Excessive intake of iron can cause serious diseases like nausea, constipation, stomach ache and organ failure in children.

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