VIDEO: This cricketer doesn’t even know what Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli play?

If someone plays cricket, but does not even know what Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli play, then it is surprising. But, don’t be surprised after reading this. Because the cricketer who has given a wrong answer to the question that what do Rohit and Virat play, has actually done so deliberately. This means that he knows very well about the game of both the big players of India. But, he still remained ignorant of it because he was told to do so. And, the players who did this were also from Team India. BCCI has posted a video of wicketkeeper batsman Ishan Kishan, in which all he had to do was to answer all the questions wrongly, and he did the same.

Among the same 12 questions asked to Ishan Kishan, the sixth question was related to the game of Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli, the answer to which he missed by not giving cricket. Apart from this, 11 more questions were asked to Ishan Kishan, in which everything from his name to his work was asked and the answer was wrong, hearing which suddenly anyone would say that this Indian cricketer does not know anything.

12 questions and wrong answers of Ishan Kishan

Now let us know about those 12 questions asked to Ishan Kishan one by one. Ishaan had to give wrong answers to all these, and he did the same, which was quite funny.

First question- What is your name?
Ishan- VVS Laxman

Second question- What is your age?
Ishan- 82

Third question-Which language do you speak?
Ishan- Spanish

Fourth question- Which game do you play?
Ishan- Football

Fifth question- Who is Suryakumar Yadav?
Ishan- wicketkeeper, bowler

Sixth question- What do Rohit-Virat play?
Ishaan- Kho-Kho

Seventh question- What is the color of the hair?
Ishan- Orange

8th question- What sound does the bat make when the ball is hit?
Ishaan- meow

9th question- Where did World Cup 2023 take place?
Ishan- Brazil

10th Question- What 3 things are kept in the kitbag?
Ishan- Headphones, Wallet, Ice Cream

11th question- What do you do in the gym?
Ishan- plays ice hockey

12th question- Where are you now?
Ishan- Tokyo

Expectations from Ishan in Guwahati also

After giving wrong but interesting answers to these 12 questions, Ishan Kishan is now ready to play the third T20 against Australia. Ishan scored a half-century in the second T20. He will try to maintain the same form in the third T20 also. If this happens then India is certain to seal the series in Guwahati only.

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