Uttarkashi: Workers ran away to escape the falling rock, told the soul-stirring story of tunnel collapse.

Due to the collapse of the tunnel in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand, 40 laborers working inside were trapped. After this incident on Sunday, there was silence within a few seconds. There were laborers inside, so the breathing of the people outside was halted. After a few hours of hard work, the voice of the workers came out and people heaved a sigh of relief. However, when the debris started falling in the tunnel, 6 laborers were also going inside but after seeing the mountain breaking and falling from above, they ran out. He saw with his own eyes the scene of rocks falling and 40 workers getting trapped inside.

While talking to TV9 Bharatvarsh, the workers who escaped outside told the story of the entire incident as they saw it with their own eyes. All the workers who were talked to were working in the tunnel on the day of the accident. When the debris fell in the tunnel, all of them were standing on one side. When suddenly a huge amount of debris fell, they all ran out of the tunnel. Let us know what the eyewitness workers saw on the day of the accident…

‘Brother, come, debris is falling.’

While talking to TV9 Bharatvarsh, a laborer resident of Jharkhand said that his duty was in the tunnel from 8 pm to 8 am. He was working together with all his colleagues. At around 6 in the morning, he saw light debris falling from above in the tunnel. At first he ignored the falling debris. Then when some big stones fell, he raised his voice and told everyone about it and asked them to come out. The eyewitness told that he shouted to his fellow workers, ‘Brother, come, debris is falling.’ But, ignoring his words, the rest of the workers continued working.

A lot of debris fell, workers from the other side got trapped

The eyewitness laborer told that he feared something untoward. He along with his 5 companions came to one side of the tunnel. Suddenly, heavy debris along with big stones fell down. He and his five colleagues were at one end of the place where the debris fell, while the remaining 40 laborers were trapped at the other end. The eyewitness laborer told that as soon as the debris fell with a loud noise, he ran to get out of the tunnel. Coming out he told people about the accident that happened inside the tunnel. The eyewitness laborer was quite frightened after the accident.

‘We need food and oxygen…we are fine’

Another laborer from Bihar working in the tunnel told TV9 Bharatvarsh that at the time of the accident, people with him were also working in the tunnel. They also got trapped after debris came into the tunnel. The families of the workers trapped in the tunnel are very worried. The laborer told that he has contacted fellow laborers trapped inside the tunnel. He along with his colleagues went inside and talked to the workers trapped on the other side of the debris. He told that fellow workers are fine. He has said that we are fine, we need food and oxygen.

What is the current situation?

The state and central governments are keeping an eye on the tunnel accident. Rescue operations are being carried out continuously 24 hours a day. Food and oxygen are being sent through pipes to the workers trapped in the tunnel. To take them out of the tunnel, a tunnel is being made inside the debris through steel pipe. These mile steel pipes are of 800 mm. Mile steel pipe is being used in making tunnel by earth auger machine. This machine has been called from Delhi, and the expert technicians who operate the machine have also come from there. It is expected that in a few hours the workers trapped in the tunnel will be taken out safely. Along with this, prayers are also being made for the safety of the workers. According to the district administration, the workers in the tunnel are safe, and constant contact is maintained with them.

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