UPI Refund: Money transferred to someone else’s account by mistake? see you back like this

Many times, by mistake, while making a hasty payment, it goes to a wrong or other account. This can happen to anyone. If you are worried that your money will not be returned, then to solve your problem, we will tell you about a process through which you will be able to get your money back. For this follow these steps.

For this you can also call customer care immediately. In such a situation, the bank asks for some details from you like date, time and account number of the transaction, provide all these details to the bank. Here we are telling you the process of getting back the money transferred by mistake.

How to get back money transferred by mistake

  • For this, first of all go to NPCI website and click on the option of Get in Touch.
  • After this select the option of UPI complaint, click on transaction.
  • Select the option of Incorrectly transferred to another account in the complaint section.
  • Now carefully fill the details like your UPI transaction ID, bank name, virtual payment address, transaction amount, date of transaction, email ID and mobile number etc. here.
  • After this, upload a screenshot of your bank details showing the amount deducted from your account for the transaction.
  • Check all the filled details carefully and after checking your final completion, click on the submit option.
  • NPCI will investigate your complaint and contact you within a few days.

Banking Ombudsman

Apart from this, you can also visit your bank. If no reply is received even after both these processes, you can mail the Banking Ombudsman.

You can write your complaint on a plain paper and send it to the Banking Ombudsman. You can also do this online at https://cms.rbi.org.in or by sending an email to the Banking Ombudsman at [email protected]. A form with complaint details is also given on the website. On this platform, digital complaints of the bank are examined and resolved. This bank should be in your area and you should also have an account.

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