UK Food Vlogger Makes Chilla For The First Time. Internet Thinks He Was “Desi Indian In Past Life”

Indian cuisine has captured hearts globally, with enthusiasts around the world attempting to recreate the vibrant flavours of its diverse dishes.

Recently, a food vlogger based in London, UK, has dedicated his time to exploring the intricacies of Indian cuisine. He attempted to make chillas, showcasing the increasing popularity of Indian recipes among international audiences. Chilla is a popular Indian dish made from a batter of gram flour (besan), water, and various spices. It is a versatile and quick dish that’s often enjoyed for breakfast or as a snack. They are typically served with chutney, yoghurt, or ketchup, making them a delicious and nutritious option for a light meal.

The vlogger kicked off his video by introducing viewers to a Chhattisgarh food series, with the day’s focus on making a unique chilla – with rice flour. He gathered coriander leaves, chopped tomatoes, chillies, potato stems, salt, and spices, tossing them all into a portable blender for a quick blend. The result? A delightful green chutney.

Following that, he proceeded to incorporate rice flour into a bowl, along with diced carrots, green chillies, and salt, blending the mixture with a spoon. After adding a bit of water and ensuring a consistent mix, he moved on to a hot, oiled pan. Spreading the batter onto the pan, he crafted thick, pancake-like chillas. By generously adding oil to the sides, he expertly flipped them until both sides achieved a golden-brown hue. Making a batch of these delightful chillas, he served them alongside the green chutney prepared earlier. Watch the video here:

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