Try these 5 things which are boon for liver, blood will also become clean.

How To MakeStrong Liver: Liver is one of the important organs of the body. The liver helps the body function properly. Liver plays an important role in digesting food. People whose liver does not function properly have digestive problems. Due to which the immunity becomes weak. The liver cleans the blood and transports nutrients throughout the body. If you have any liver related problem then take care of your eating habits. Eat these 5 foods for a healthy liver.


People who have weak liver must eat garlic. By eating garlic, the enzymes present in the liver get activated, which keeps the liver clean. Garlic strengthens the liver.



Lemon is also beneficial for liver. Lemon contains a substance called D-limonene which activates liver cells. This cleanses the liver. Drinking lemon water daily is beneficial for the liver.

green tea

Drink green tea daily to strengthen the liver. It reduces fat and detoxifies the body. Green tea works to protect the liver from harmful effects.


Use turmeric to clean the liver. It helps in detoxifying the liver. Also helps in digestion of fats. Mix 1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder in a glass of water. Now boil this water and drink it.


Eat beetroot to cleanse the liver and make the liver healthy. Beetroot contains beta carotene which works to stimulate the liver. This improves the working capacity of the liver.

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