Toyota Innova Hycross Limited Edition: A Premium Take on the GX Trim

Toyota has recently unveiled a special variant of the Innova, christened as the ‘Innova Hycross Limited Edition’, which is based on the well-liked GX trim.

This model boasts a slew of interior and exterior cosmetic enhancements, warranting a premium of Rs. 60,000.

Among the sub-brands of Toyota’s Innova, the GX trim enjoys substantial popularity. The company had recently introduced a Limited Edition of the Innova Crysta, which was also based on the GX trim. Continuing with this trend, the Toyota Innova Hycross Limited Edition, based on the GX trim, has been launched and includes a variety of cosmetic modifications, both inside and out, at an extra cost of Rs. 40,000 (ex-showroom price).

Currently, Toyota provides the GX trim in two seating configurations – 7-seater and 8-seater, with an upscale Platinum White colour option. This results in four different GX trim models. The Innova Hycross Limited Edition adopts the same arrangement, offering the same seating options and colours, with a price difference of Rs. 40,000 per variant for the Limited Edition. This extra cost is justified by the cosmetic modifications that Toyota has incorporated.

Some of these embellishments on the Toyota Innova Hycross Limited Edition are borrowed from the VX trim, which is a level above the GX in the trim hierarchy. The exterior changes are immediately noticeable at the front.

The grille now sports a chrome jewel garnish that spans across it in the middle. The front bumper receives a sleek silver finish, a departure from the regular black unpainted section on the standard Hycross GX. The same effect is replicated on the rear bumper, enhancing the Limited Edition’s aesthetic appeal.

Inside, several alterations distinguish this version from the regular GX trim. The most significant difference is the addition of a Chestnut coloured dashboard and door trims, replacing the previous black colour. Toyota has used soft-touch Chestnut plastics on the dashboard for the Innova Hycross Limited Edition, a feature similar to the VX trim.

The door pads now exhibit a wood finish effect that offers an upgraded look compared to the regular GX. The seat upholstery is now the same plush units that Toyota offered on the VX trim. These seat covers present a dual-tone effect with brown in the centre and black towards the edges. Apart from these, there are no other changes when compared to the standard GX trims.

The Rs. 40,000 increase for the Innova Hycross Limited Edition is based on ex-showroom prices. On the road, the price difference between the GX and GX Limited Edition is almost Rs. 70,000. Considering that this car is predominantly chauffeur-driven, these minor cosmetic changes should have been more emphasised for the rear occupants.

Similar to the GX trim, the Limited Edition is powered by a sole 2.0L petrol engine with a single 10-step CVT gearbox choice. The Innova Hycross Limited Edition boasts a peak power of 171 bhp and a peak torque of 206 Nm. Despite the slightly higher cost, this special edition brings a fresh aesthetic appeal to the already popular Innova, making it a compelling option for potential buyers.

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