Top 5 Unnecessary Cost-Cutting Techniques Used By Car Manufacturers – Not Cool

Car manufacturers across the world come up with a variety of measures to cut down the manufacturing and production costs of their cars to increase profit margins.

However, some of these cost-cutting measures are unnecessary and here’s a list of the top 5 unnecessary cost-cutting measures used by carmakers.

Inadequate Insulation

Car manufacturers are nowadays reducing the quantity of noise insulation in new cars to reduce production costs. Since these insulating materials are out of sight, many car makers have adopted this cost-cutting measure.

Moreover, driving a car with inadequate insulation can sometimes become annoying, especially during long journeys. Also, inadequate insulation makes the car feel ‘tinny’, which could negatively impact the overall driving experience.

Space-saver Wheels

As the name suggests, a space-saver is a smaller-sized spare tyre. These space-saver spare tyres are very narrow, hence they are not suitable for driving long distances. However, they do improve the boot space due to their more compact dimensions.

Integrated Headrests

Integrated headrests look very sporty, however, they often do not provide adequate support. Furthermore, the lack of adjustment mechanisms means that seats with integrated headrests are cheaper to manufacture.

Bad Quality Rear-View Camera

Rear-view cameras in some cars offer very poor visibility even during the daytime, which apparently is a very annoying cost-cutting measure adopted by car manufacturers. However, a simple rear-view camera upgrade is a solution but it would be better if car makers give good quality cameras from the factory itself.

Outdated Gearbox

This is probably the most annoying cost-cutting measure adopted by car makers. In fact, some new cars still feature a 4-speed automatic gearbox in the year 2023. This is very annoying as it severely impacts the driving experience and performance of the vehicle.

Thoughts About Cost-Cutting Techniques Adopted By Carmakers

Some of the cost-cutting measures adopted by car manufacturers can be very annoying to the end user. As such, manufacturers must understand the difficulties faced by the end user before adopting any such cost-cutting techniques.

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