Told the family on the phone – I am going away, will meet here, when I reached there I found a dead body.

Police reached the spot after receiving news of a young man being shot dead in a field in Auraiya district of Uttar Pradesh. The police took this whole matter seriously and when they started investigation, it came to light that the matter was something different. According to the information received from the police, the man was shot in the head which he himself had shot. In this entire case, the family members had tried to convert the incident of suicide into murder and had also hidden the weapon with which the young man had committed suicide.

According to the information, this entire matter is of Ajitmal Kotwali area of ​​Auraiya. Here the dead body of a young man was found in a field near Chandanapur village. Actually, the family members had given complete information to the police, after which the police recovered the body of the youth. The young man was murdered by a bullet to the head. The family members tried to declare this entire incident as murder in front of the police. But when the police interrogated the uncle of the young man’s double, everything turned into water.

Police said that the uncle has revealed during interrogation that a case is going on against the accused under POCSO Act in which the hearing was going on continuously. He used to fight at his house for many days and there were altercations between them every day. After the argument, one day the young man went towards the fields and committed suicide there. Police said that the youth had shot himself with a 315 bore pistol. After this, the family members tied the pistol in a cloth and hid it in a pile of straw.

I called and said I would meet.

A big revelation has come to light in the police investigation in which it has come to light that even before his death, the person had told his family members and other important people where he would be found. Then the young man shot himself while sitting at the same place. After this, when the family searched for him, he was found at the same place where he had told. At present the police have registered a case against the accused.

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