Tiger 3 Collection Day 4: India vs NZ semi-final shows impact on Salman’s film, Tiger’s steps wavered on the fourth day

Superstar Salman Khan has given a gift to his fans by releasing Tiger 3 on Diwali. This film created a blast as soon as it was released. People are continuously going to theaters to watch Salman Khan’s film. However, many challenges also lie ahead for Tiger 3. But Tiger 3 remains consistent in the race. Today is the fifth day of the release of Salman’s film. In such a situation, the figures of the fourth day of the film have also come out.

After earning huge profits on the first day, there are ups and downs in the film’s earnings. However, the film has made the lowest collection till date on the fourth day. Due to which the makers and stars may be a little disappointed. On the fourth day i.e. Wednesday, India vs New Zealand semi-final match emerged as the biggest problem for Salman’s Tiger 3. People’s madness for the match overshadowed Salman’s film. Which had a direct impact on the film’s earnings.

According to the report, the film Tiger 3 did not do business of even Rs 20 crore on the fourth day. Salman’s film could collect only Rs 18.98 crore. But it is also believed that if the match had not taken place yesterday, the figures would have been different. This is the lowest collection of Tiger 3 in the last four days. The film had a spectacular opening of Rs 44.5 crore on the first day. Salman’s film collected Rs 59 crore on the second day and Rs 44 crore on the third day.

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The total collection of Yash Raj Spy Universe’s film ‘Tiger 3’ has now reached 166.48. The film has become the fastest film to cross the Rs 150 crore mark. Salman’s film had crossed the Rs 100 crore mark in just 2 days. Within the next two-three days this film will cross the Rs 200 crore mark. However, the coming weekend may prove to be better for Tiger and Zoya’s film.

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