Throwback: Akshay Kumar once came across dacoits while traveling on train; Here’s what happened next

Akshay Kumar is one of the biggest stars in Bollywood. However, the actor did not get anything easy in life. Before making it big, Kumar did odd jobs, and in one such instance, he came across dacoits.

Let us find out the details of this interesting story and what happened to the film star. He revealed all this in an old interview.

Akshay Kumar came across dacoits once

In his appearance on The Anupam Kher Show, Akshay Kumar spilled beans about when dacoits boarded a train he was traveling in. At that time, he was selling jewelry on the Frontier Mail train, now defunct. Once, he bought clothes and goods worth around five thousand and was traveling via train.

In Chambal, several dacoits boarded the train. Kumar was sleeping on his birth and realized that there were dacoits. Realizing the situation, he pretended to be asleep. Eventually, the dacoits took all his belongings, including his slippers. Luckily. Kumar wasn’t harmed and was safe. The actor said that he reached the old Delhi railway station empty-handed as a result.


Akshay Kumar on his struggle days

Last month, In a conversation with Desk, Kumar spoke about his initial days of struggle. He said, “We were 24 people living in the same house in Chandni Chowk. We all would sleep in the same room. In the morning, when we woke up for exercise, everyone would jump over each other to get out.”

Kumar spoke about shifting to Mumbai from Delhi and living in the Sion Koliwada on a 100 rupees rental house. “I swear to God, there wasn’t a single day where we did not smile or laugh. Now that we have money, sometimes we feel a bit sad, but at that time, there was nothing to be sad about; we would have dal chawal, jeera aloo, aloo gobhi, bhindi, we would eat all of this, and we were happy,” he added.


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