This woman has two uteruses, a child is growing in both!

Women have one uterus, and there are rare cases of two. But this 32 year old woman not only has two uteruses but also has a child in both the wombs, this is a matter of surprise for the medical world. This is a very rare case.

This woman named Kelsey Hatcher is now pregnant and will give birth to two children, but these children are not growing in the same womb, but in different wombs.

She has opened an Instagram account named doublehatchlings and has been giving updates about her pregnancy and her story has made people curious. The reason for people’s curiosity is whether it is two wombs.

Hatcher discovered at age 17 that she had two uteruses. In medical language it is called “Uterus Didelphis”. This is a rare case in the world. Only 0.3 percent is found in women. She already has three children and was shocked when she was tested pregnant again. In the 8th week of pregnancy i.e. in the second month, ultrasound revealed that there are twins, but the surprising thing is that both the children are growing in separate wombs.

He claimed in his Instagram post that when we came to know this through ultrasound, we laughed a lot.

If they have two eggs, an egg and sperm come in contact with each other and enter the uterus through one fallopian tube, both eggs are fertilized and babies grow in separate wombs.

Eichler keeps posting updates on her pregnancy journey and this strange pregnancy story has attracted a lot of attention now.

according to doctors Hatcher will have a natural delivery during Christmas week. Hatcher said on her social media site that the couple is expecting two beautiful baby girls and hopes to give birth to them during the week of Christmas.

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