This ‘Pappu’ failed in MSc 23 times, finally passed at the age of 56, the story is interesting

A boat does not cross due to fear of waves, those who try never lose. These lines of poet and writer Harivansh Rai Bachchan fit perfectly on Rajkaran Barua of Madhya Pradesh. This person wasted almost half his life in attaining MSc degree, but did not lose courage. During this time, people taunted Barua a lot, but he just kept running towards his goal and kept working hard with patience. See the result, after failing the MSc exam 23 times in a row, this ‘Pappu’ finally passed at the age of 56.

Barua is a resident of Jabalpur. It would not be wrong to say that he has lived his dream. Even though it took him 25 years to complete it, he proudly says – Today I have an MSc (Maths) degree. Speaking to Times of India, Barua said that when he passed the MSc examination in the year 2021, his happiness knew no bounds. The situation was such that in a closed room itself he jumped with joy and congratulated himself. Barua had registered for MMC in Mathematics from Rani Durgavati University in 1997.

life is full of struggle

According to media reports, Barua used to work along with studies. He has also worked as a servant in other’s houses to earn his living. Apart from this, he has worked as a security guard in double shifts. For which he used to get 5 thousand rupees every month. During this period many adverse situations also occurred, but Barua did not give up.

This is how I completed my graduation

He completed his graduation in 1993. The story of completing it is no less inspiring. According to him, he acquired education by buying old books. He had bought most of the books from scrap dealers. After this he started pursuing his master’s degree.

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