This is how Bikaner brand was established by selling Bhujia on the streets, now Kedarnath Agarwal has said goodbye to the world.

Lala Kedarnath Agarwal, founder of the famous brand of namkeen and sweets Bikanerwala, passed away on Monday. He was 86 years old. Lala Kedarnath Aggarwal, who once sold salty Bhujiya and Rasgullas on the streets of Delhi, had worked hard to establish Bikanerwala. He then expanded this brand to foreign countries. This journey was not so easy. Lala Kedarnath saw all the stages from a small shop in the streets of Bikaner to the streets of Delhi and then to the creation of the Bikanerwala brand. Let us also tell you how Lala Kedarnath Agarwal started Bikanerwala.

This is how the journey started

Even though Lala Kedarnath started his career from Delhi in 1950, its foundation is a little older. His family, hailing from Bikaner, owned a sweet shop in the streets of the city since 1905. The name of that shop was Bikaner Namkeen Bhandar and they used to sell sweets and namkeen. Lala Kedarnath Agarwal came to Delhi with his brother Satyanarayan Agarwal in the early 1950s with great hopes and dreams. He had brought his family’s recipe.

In the beginning, both the brothers used to carry buckets full of Bhujia and Rasgullas and sell them on the streets of Old Delhi. However, the hard work of the Agarwal brothers and the unique flavor of Bikaner soon gained recognition and acceptance among the people of Delhi. After this, the Agarwal brothers started a shop in Chandni Chowk, Delhi, where they adopted their family recipe, which is now being passed down from generation to generation.

More than 60 shops across the country

Bikanerwala said in the statement that the demise of Aggarwal, popularly known as Kakaji, marks the end of an era, which has enriched the taste and made its place in the lives of countless people. Bikanerwala has more than 60 shops in India and is also present in countries like America, New Zealand, Singapore, Nepal and United Arab Emirates (UAE). Group Managing Director Shyam Sundar Agarwal said that Kakaji’s departure is not just a loss for Bikanerwala; This is also a disadvantage for cooking. His vision and leadership will always guide our culinary journey.

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