This fruit is the cheapest to increase immunity, know its benefits and the best way to eat it. – Khel Ja

Sweet Lemon Juice at Home: Nowadays, you can easily get lemon juice in the market for Rs 50-60 per kg. The season of this citrus fruit lasts till winter. Although it is not pleasant to drink Mosambi juice in severe cold, but this is the best time to eat this fruit. This is the cheapest fruit that increases immunity. Actually, Mosambi juice is easily available in the market. But if you do not want to drink juice outside, then you can easily make it at home also. If the Mosambi is cooked well then peel them and eat them. Know what are the benefits of Mosambi and how you can eat it easily

Benefits of Mosambi

This fruit is rich in vitamin C and also contains various minerals. Calcium, iron, potassium and phosphorus are found in Mosambi. Besides, it contains fiber and keeps the body well hydrated. Eating sweet lime in this season increases immunity and prevents cold and cough in winter.

The easiest way to extract Mosambi juice


To extract juice at home, peel the watermelon thoroughly and then cut it in half and remove the seeds. – After this, put the chopped Mosambi in the mixer and mix it well. – When all the juice of Mosambi comes out, filter it. While straining, press the pulp so that no juice remains in it. You can drink the extracted juice plain or add some chaat masala, salt and roasted cumin to it.

extract juice from juicer

You will find handheld juicers in the market for less than Rs 200 which are specially designed for orange and tangerine juice. It is very easy to extract juice from them. For this also, peel the mosambi well and then cut it from the middle, after this keep pressing on the juicer, the juice of mosambi will come out.

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