These top beauties of Bollywood had lost their hearts on a married man, some got married and some kept distance.

Every day there is talk of some affair or the other in Bollywood. But, there are some celebrities whose love affairs are enough to surprise you. Yes, some are secretly and some are openly expressing their love. Today we are talking about those actresses in the industry who fell in love but with a person who was in a relationship with someone else. Names of many famous actresses are included in this list.

Madhuri Dixit

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Madhuri Dixit’s name is first in the list. There was no dearth of fans. Madhuri has ruled many hearts during her time. But, there was one person for whom his heart was also beating. His name was Sanjay Dutt. Both of them also did films together. The pair of both was much liked on screen. Similarly, he himself did not know when Madhuri gave him her heart. But, Sanjay was already married. If reports are to be believed, he was ready to divorce his wife Richa to marry Madhuri. But, after getting entangled in the TADA case, the actress distanced herself from him.

Rani Mukherjee

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You must be aware of the fans of Govinda, who is famous for his acting as well as dancing in the film industry. But, you would hardly know that he used to beat the heart of a beauty in the industry itself. Yes, Rani Mukherjee fell in love with her co-star during the film Hadh Kar Di Aapne and both of them started liking each other. Reports also say that both of them were living in a live-in relationship for some time. However, their relationship never became official nor did both of them accept it.

Priyanka Chopra

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Shahrukh Khan may be above 55 years of age. But, his female fans still spend their lives on him. The actor respects his wife Gauri a lot but there were many ups and downs in their relationship when Priyanka Chopra entered King Khan’s life. There was a time when Priyanka and Shahrukh were seen together in every party and event. Gauri did not like this and she strictly refused to let Shahrukh have sex with Priyanka. Since then Shahrukh never shared the screen with Priyanka again.

Kangana Ranaut

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Kangana Ranaut is counted in the list of Bollywood actresses who express their opinions openly and boldly. As everyone knows that Kangana is still unmarried. But, she also fell in love with a married man, about whom she has mentioned many times on reality shows. Media reports say that she came into limelight for her relationship with Hrithik Roshan. Hrithik was married and this affair got him divorced from Sussanne. But, this relationship with Kangana also did not last.


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The airs of Bollywood are no more in this world. But, apart from his professional life, he also made a lot of headlines for his personal life. During the shooting of the film Chandni, Sridevi gave her heart to Boney Kapoor. However, Boney was already married. But she married Shree and divorced Mona. Mona had also told in an interview that after marrying Shree, both Boney’s children suffered a lot. Mona died in 2012 due to this shock.

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