These officers closed down Meerut’s Sotiganj, where are these officers now and what are they doing scrap? – Khel Ja

The notoriety of Sotiganj of Meerut in Uttar Pradesh had reached its peak by the year 2018. The scrap market, which started here in the 80s, had penetrated not only Meerut but also the vehicle thieves of cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore etc. as well as Nepal and Bhutan. Not only this, even from Netanagari to the police department, he had a good setting. Due to this, no police officer had the courage to go to this locality. Even if someone gathered a little courage, he had to face the brunt of transfer.

Coincidentally, the government changed in the state and the bad days of these scrap dealers started. The first thing Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath did after taking oath was to give free hand to the police to take action against criminals. At that time senior IPS Ajay Sahni was the captain in Meerut. As soon as he got the green signal from the government, he started preparing the horoscope of Sotiganj. At that time, Akhilesh Narayan Singh used to be SP City, while Dr. Iraj Raja was sitting on the post of ASP.

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These three officers made a complete horoscope of scrap dealers who buy, sell and cut stolen vehicles. Some action was also taken, but the action was a bit slow. In such a situation, the government sent the then SSP of Moradabad, Prabhakar Chaudhary to Meerut. IPS Prabhakar Choudhary worked here in his own way and within just 15 days all the junkies started doing havoc. On one hand the police were sealing the godowns, while on the other hand the scrap dealers themselves were locking their godowns and disappearing. The government also gave the desired reward to the officers who demolished the fort of this 35 year old crime.

Officers got rewards

IPS Ajay Sahni was promoted as DIG. At present he is DIG Range Saharanpur. IPS Dr. Iraj Raja was first given the charge of SP Rural in Ghaziabad and later SP Jalaun. Akhilesh Narayan Singh, who was SP City in Meerut, has also been made Additional SP in Barabanki. Similarly, IPS Prabhakar Choudhary was made the captain of Bareilly after playing a successful innings in Meerut, however, later on the Kanwariyas used lathi charge, the government removed him from the post and made him the commandant of 32nd Corps PAC. Along with him, Suraj Kumar Rai, who was SP City of Meerut, has been promoted and given the responsibility of Additional DCP Agra.

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Now let us talk about those scrap dealers who became kings by buying and selling stolen vehicles in Sotiganj. A police officer told that when he raided Munnu Kabadi’s house on the orders of SSP Prabhakar Chaudhary, he himself was surprised. Said that even after 20 years of government job, such a house was still a dream for him. Said that his five-storey mansion was no less than a palace. The cost of the toilet in this house alone would be more than the cost of their entire house. There were 70 inch LEDs, modern fridge, washing machine, chandeliers worth lakhs of rupees etc. in his house.

More than 300 junkies are in jail

The situation was similar in the houses of Haji Naeem alias Haji Galla, Haji Iqbal, Haji Aftab, Mustaq and Haji Mohsin. During this action, along with these scrap dealers, the police arrested about 300 other scrap dealers and sent them to jail. Their assets worth about Rs 5 billion, earned from this black business, have been confiscated. This is the action of the police, now GST and Income Tax department officials are also engaged with all their might in digging out the roots of Sotiganj. According to GST Department officials, hardly three dozen scrap dealers were doing their business officially. His business continues even today, but all the other scrap dealers have either reached jail or have fled from here.

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