These five changes are going to happen from December 1, will have a direct impact on your pocket.

The last month of the year, December, is about to begin. Only a few days are left in November. Many important changes are going to happen in the month of December. Which can have a direct impact on your pocket. These changes will happen from banking sector to telecom sector. Also the kitchen of the house can also have an effect. On the other hand, some days of November will also be very important for senior citizens. Otherwise, problems may arise for them from December. Let us also tell you what changes are going to happen.

There will be a change in the price of gas cylinder

The price of gas cylinder changes on the first day of the month. There may not have been any change in the price of domestic gas cylinders in the past few years, but changes in the prices of commercial gas cylinders are seen continuously. This change has been seen twice in the month of November. The price of commercial gas cylinder was increased on the first date. After which the price came down to Rs 2000. After that the prices decreased. If experts are to be believed, this time there may be some change in the prices of domestic and commercial gas cylinders.

Otherwise you will not get pension

If you have been a Central or State Government employee and receive pension, then definitely submit your life certificate before the end of November. If you do not do this, then pension will stop coming to your account from the next pension cycle. A pensioner has to give proof of his life once a year. Super Senior Citizens i.e. people above 80 years of age are given this facility from October 1 to November 30 and Senior Citizens above 60 years and below 80 years are given this facility from November 1 to November 30.

First KYC then SIM card

New rules are going to be implemented in the telecom sector from December 1. The government has tightened the rules for purchasing mobile SIM. This means that no shopkeeper will be able to sell any SIM without complete KYC. On the other hand, no person will be able to buy SIM cards in bulk. By changing the rules, the Telecom Department has made a provision to issue limited SIM cards on one ID. This has been done by the department so that fraud caused by fake SIM cards can be prevented. If someone does not follow this rule, he can be punished with a fine of Rs 10 lakh and jail sentence.

HDFC Bank will make changes in credit card

At present, credit card usage has increased significantly. All banks are providing various facilities on credit cards. On the other hand, HDFC Bank, the country’s largest private bank, has made changes in the Lounge Axis program available on its Regalia Credit Card. This change will come into effect from December 1st. Now it will be mandatory for Regalia Credit Card holders to utilize credit of Rs 1 lakh every three months for free Airport Lounge Access facility. The card holder will be able to avail this facility only after fulfilling this expenditure criteria.

If there is delay in returning the documents, the bank will pay penalty

Another change related to the bank is going to happen from December 1st. This change has been made by the Reserve Bank of India. RBI will impose a penalty on banks if they do not return the documents kept in lieu of guarantee on time after repaying the entire loan. This fine will have to be paid at the rate of Rs 5 thousand per month. If the documents are lost, then in that case you will be able to get an extra thirty days.

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