These dry fruits are a panacea for diabetic patients in winter, they have many benefits.

Pistachios Health Benefits: Pistachios are used as dry fruits in many things. Eating pistachios enhances the taste. There are also benefits of adding pistachios to things like pudding and ice cream. Pistachios are not only delicious but are also very beneficial for health. Pistachios have many medicinal properties which provide health benefits. Nutrients like vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and potassium are found in pistachios. The nutrients present in it are effective in curing diseases like diabetes.

Benefits in diabetes..
Pistachios help control diabetes. Its glycemic index is also very low, which does not allow the sugar level to increase. It controls the spike and prevents diabetes from progressing.

controls cholesterol
The anti-oxidants present in pistachios help in reducing cholesterol. Eating pistachios also keeps blood pressure under control. It is considered beneficial for the heart.

strengthens bones
Pistachios work to strengthen bones. It contains good amount of calcium and magnesium, which makes bones strong. Calcium also provides relief from the problem of pain in bones.

reduces inflammation
Pistachios have anti-inflammatory properties that provide relief from swelling and pain. It also contains good amount of protein which gives energy to the body.

good for eyes
Pistachios contain antioxidants and lutein which are good for the eyes. Eating pistachios strengthens eyesight.

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