These cool gadgets will be available for less than Rs 100, have you tried them?

Are you also looking for some cool gadgets for yourself which come at a low price but do wonders? So this information will prove very beneficial for you. Here we will tell you about such gadgets which will cost less than Rs 100 but will be very useful for you. These gadgets may be small but they are necessary for every home. If you buy these smart gadgets then your life will become easier.


Although these small things make many of your tasks easier, with their help you can do a lot of work. You can buy this LED light for only Rs 69 with 65 percent discount. With this, you can fit it in the plug for warm lighting at night, hence you will not need to install a separate holder in the wall.

Usb Led Light


Wall Mounted Mobile Holder

Instead of keeping the phone here and there, it is better to fit a mobile holder near the plug on your wall. With this your phone will also be safe and you will be able to do more work with this holder. You can also hang your car keys on it. You are getting this mobile holder on Amazon for only Rs 99 with 67 percent discount.

Generic USB LED Light for PC

You are getting this USB LED light on Amazon for only Rs 33 with 73 percent discount. You are getting many color options in this, it also supports LED mobile charger.

King Shine 2 in 1 Silicone Gel Pad

These gel pads can help you a lot and you can set anything on the wall on top of it. It can easily hold anything, like smartphone, keys, brush and spoon etc. Although its original price is Rs 1,299, but you can buy it from Amazon with 92 percent discount for just Rs 99.

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