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New revelations are being made every day in the case of attack on bus conductor in Prayagraj. Now a new revelation of accused Lareb Hashmi has come to light. He told during police interrogation that he had planned this incident only after the bus conductor insulted him for petty money. He had decided three days ago that he would teach this conductor a lesson in the same manner as Ahmed Murtaza had attacked the Gorakhnath temple. It was only after that incident that he bought Chapapar and kept it in his bag.

During police interrogation, he told that to take revenge for the insult, he used to come by the same bus every day for three days, but due to the crowd in the bus, he was not able to take revenge. Suddenly that day he got an opportunity and he attacked with the chapapad. Accused Lareb Hashmi told the police that inspired by Ahmed Murtaza, he danced while waving chapapar and also raised Jihadi slogans. For this, a lesson was also learned from the speech of a Pakistani fundamentalist.

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After this revelation by promising B.Tech student Lareb Hashmi, now even the investigating agencies are surprised. According to the police, Lareb did not suddenly attack the bus conductor. In fact, he was planning this attack for three days. Actually he wanted that through this attack he could give a message to the Muslims of the country and the world. Police said that Lareb had a fight with the conductor over the ticket money. After that it conducted a formal recce for three days.

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Now, as per the pre-determined plan, he attacked the conductor with a chapapad. During police interrogation, this vicious criminal told that the conductor had insulted him in front of the girls in the class, but he was planning to take revenge of his insult by giving a communal twist to the incident. Since the entire incident was captured on CCTV, and the investigating agencies immediately swung into action, his plan was foiled.

Input: Dinesh Singh

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