The driver was sleeping in the car with the AC on, the body was found in the morning, the doctor said…

In Indirapuram, Uttar Pradesh, a young man was sleeping in a car with the AC on, but when he did not come out of the car even in the morning, people suspected something untoward, after which the young man was taken out by breaking the glass of the car. After taking him out, it was found that the young man had stopped breathing and had died.

After receiving information about the incident, the police reached the spot and sent the body of the youth for postmortem. In the initial investigation, the police think that the cause of death of the youth was suffocation in the car. The police suspect that he died due to lack of sufficient oxygen in the car.

Suffocation due to AC being switched off

According to the police, the AC of the car stopped working as the petrol in the car ran out and the driver Kallu Dubey remained sleeping inside the car and died of suffocation as his body could not get enough oxygen.

According to doctors, when there is not enough oxygen in the car, carbon dioxide gas turns into carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide gas is a poisonous drug, which is fatal. On coming in contact with this gas, a person first becomes unconscious, after that gradually his breathing speed slows down and the person dies. The most important thing is that this gas has no smell, due to which people around him are not even aware of its presence.

Kallu, the victim of this incident, is a resident of Ruri village in Hamirpur. The same thing could have happened with Kallu as well, that the amount of carbon monoxide in the car increased and Kallu became unconscious, after which he died of suffocation in the car.

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