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It is an interesting coincidence that after 4 years, Rohit Sharma is standing at the same place where Virat Kohli was in 2019. In the 2019 World Cup also, India faced New Zealand in the semi-finals. The Indian team had to face defeat in that match played in Manchester in 2019. After 4 years, Team India has a chance to avenge that defeat. Now the responsibility of overcoming the challenge which Virat could not overcome is on Rohit Sharma. Both the players are in great form. Both the players have crossed the 500 run mark in this World Cup.

Virat Kohli has reached close to 600. Everyone is praising the captaincy of Rohit Sharma. There are many matches where while fielding, he made such changes in the ‘middle overs’ which overshadowed the opposing team. Anyway, Rohit Sharma’s captaincy is already being praised because of his IPL record. That is to say, in popular language, there is both opportunity and custom. Just these two players have to attack the Kiwis and get the ticket for the final. For this, both these players do not have to do just one thing – and that is not to remember their personal records in the knock-out matches of the World Cup.

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There is no need to remember these records

Actually, the records of Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli in the knockout matches of the World Cup have not been good. Virat Kohli has played World Cup semi-final matches 3 times in his career. Overall, he has 11 runs in his account in these three matches. Let us remind you that in the 2011 ODI World Cup semi-final, Virat had added 9 runs against Pakistan. Whereas in the World Cup semi-finals of 2015 and 2019, he scored 1-1 run. Rohit Sharma’s records are also weak on this criterion. He has played knockout innings 6 times in the World Cup so far. In this he has only 73 runs in his name.

In the 2015 World Cup semi-final, Rohit scored 34 runs against Australia, whereas in the 2019 World Cup semi-final, he scored only 1 run against New Zealand. There is another problem for Virat Kohli. In the semi-finals of the World Cup, Virat Kohli has been dismissed by left-arm fast bowlers every time. New Zealand’s Trent Boult has also come into form. Despite this, the ‘practical approach’ is that there is no need for both these players to remember these records because both these players are in excellent form in this World Cup.

The role of these two players is very ‘crucial’

The role of both these players in Team India is very ‘crucial’. The responsibility of starting the innings is on Rohit Sharma. Opening the innings in any format of cricket is a very ‘specialist’ job. Rohit Sharma is entering the field with the idea of ​​giving a fast start to the team in this World Cup. His focus is on adding 40-45 runs in 20-25 balls.

If his innings goes beyond this then it is even better. Otherwise, even if he gets out, when Virat Kohli comes as the next batsman, there is no pressure on him to ‘attack’ the bowlers immediately. It has also been seen in this World Cup that even if one of these two batsmen gets out early in a few matches, the other one has understood his responsibility.

In the first match against Australia, Rohit Sharma was out without opening the account. But Virat Kohli won by scoring a brilliant 85 runs. Even against Sri Lanka, Rohit was able to score only 4 runs. Virat Kohli had scored 88 runs in that match also. Virat was able to score only 16 runs against Pakistan while Rohit scored 86 runs there. Virat’s account did not open against England but Rohit had 87 runs in his name.

Last World Cup of both players

The careers of Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli started almost at the same time. Rohit was unlucky that he did not get a chance to play the World Cup in 2011. He was dropped in the last minutes. Virat Kohli played the 2011 World Cup. Both are the identity of Indian cricket in world cricket. But the careers of both the players are in their last phase. Age is also a criterion. Rohit Sharma is about 37 years old. Virat Kohli has just crossed the age of 35 on 5th November. By the next World Cup, Rohit will cross forty and Virat will be about to touch forty.

In such a situation, it is very difficult to see these two players in the next World Cup. That is why this ‘extra motivation’ will be there not only in these two players but also in every player of the team. In 2011, this ‘motivation’ was for Sachin Tendulkar. Every player had to win the World Cup for Sachin. This time this feeling will be for Rohit and Kohli. Yes, it is certain that to make this dream come true, the strength that both of them have shown so far in this World Cup will have to be continued. And for that it is important to keep away the bad memories of old records.

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