Tesla Software Update Simplifies Autopilot Activation, Enhances Audio Experience For Backseat Passengers

In a move aimed at simplifying the user experience, Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) has rolled out a software update that simplifies the activation process for Autopilot and Full Self-Driving Beta and introduces a separate audio feature for backseat passengers via Bluetooth headphones.


As reported by Electrek, the new 2023.38.8 software update from Tesla brings two major changes.

The first significant change is a simplified method to activate Autopilot/FSD Beta. As per the release notes, Tesla has added the option to activate Autopilot with a single stalk depression, a change from the previous requirement of two depressions. This aims to make the activation and disengagement of Autopilot and FSD Beta more user-friendly, aligning with Tesla’s vision of self-driving as a core part of the Tesla ownership experience.

The second major change pertains to audio separation for passengers. The 2023.38.8 update introduces an improved method for dividing audio between the front and rear seats in Tesla models equipped with a rear screen. This allows rear passengers to connect wireless Bluetooth headphones and receive audio from the rear screen independently, while the audio from the front screen remains separate.

The release notes clarified the new feature, stating, “Passengers in the back seat can listen on wireless Bluetooth headphones when watching the Theater app on the rear touchscreen. The rest of the vehicle can continue to listen to other audio from the front.”

While the update has started rolling out, Tesla has mentioned that it may take a while for the update to reach all vehicles.


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