Tejashwi’s explanation is useless! First Ram, now Chandrashekhar’s shameless statement on the martyrdom of Inspector – Khel Ja – Khel Ja

In Jamui, Bihar, a police inspector was crushed to death by a sand mafia with a tractor. The condition of a Home Guard jawan is also critical. But Nitish government’s Education Minister Professor Chandrashekhar finds this to be a normal incident. He has given a strange argument regarding the murder of the Inspector. The minister said- This keeps happening. All this goes on. The Education Minister, who called Ramcharit Manas a book that was distributed and called it syenite, said – is this a new phenomenon? Is this the first time? This has happened many times before also. They beat, then our police gives a befitting reply. All this goes on. On the murder of a sub-inspector by crushing him in Bihar, the Education Minister said that similar incidents happen in UP and MP also.

On Tuesday morning, a sub-inspector and a home guard jawan, who had gone to take action against illegal sand mining in Ropavel of Garhi police station area of ​​Jamui district, were crushed by a tractor. SI Prabhat Ranjan died in this incident while the condition of the jawan is critical. After this incident in Bihar, while the police’s authority is being questioned, the Education Minister took it lightly and said that all this keeps happening.

Statement given at Tejashwi Yadav Chowk

The Education Minister was going to Sitamarhi on Tuesday. During this time, when the journalists asked him a question related to the murder of the sub-inspector at Tejashwi Yadav Chowk in Bhagwanpur of Vaishali, he said that if there is a criminal then such incidents will keep happening, it happens from time to time and the police gives a befitting reply to the criminals. He doesn’t survive for long. He is in jail within 24 to 48 hours.

Remains in headlines for knowledge of Ramayana

RJD leader and Education Minister of Bihar Government Chandrashekhar remains in the headlines for his knowledge of Ramayana. When he explains this, he comes into the media headlines. In the convocation ceremony of Nalanda Open University, he had said – ‘Ramcharitmanas book is a religious book that spreads hatred in the society. This prevents Dalits, backward classes and women from getting their rights in the society.

Potassium Cyanide in Ramcharitmanas

Recently he had said about the presence of potassium cyanide in Ramcharitmanas. In a program of Bihar Hindi Granth Academy on Hindi Day, he said – ‘If you serve 55 types of dishes in food and add potassium cyanide in it, then what will happen? The condition of Hindu religious texts is also the same. That’s why he opposes it. Chandrashekhar, while mentioning a couplet from Aranyakaand of Ramcharitmanas, Pujahi Vipra Sakal Guna Heena, Shudra Na Pujahu Veda Praveena, asked whether something wrong has been said about caste in it?

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