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Kanpur Police has once again faced serious allegations. A case of a constable posted in PRV in Ghatampur area abusing a woman and whistling has come to light. It is alleged that when the woman and the local people protested against this action of the constable, the constable beat up the woman’s husband. This entire incident of police bullying and assault was captured in CCTV cameras. After the case of police beating went viral on social media, top officials have taken cognizance of the incident.

Police officials have given instructions to investigate the CCTV footage. ACP Ghatampur Dinesh Kumar Shukla says that legal action will be taken after examining the victim’s statement and all the facts. Whoever is guilty will not be spared. At the same time, on this whole matter, the local people say that the constable had been roaming around the village for the last several months. Used to roam around the woman’s house. Many times in the past, when people protested against this, the constable used to threaten them with sending them to jail in false cases.

Blemish on police department

There is a lot of anger among the local people due to this action of the constable. He says that the responsibility of women’s safety rests on the shoulders of these soldiers. When this obscenity is done then how will action be taken against the scoundrels and miscreants? On one hand, the state government is running various campaigns for women’s safety. Making people aware. Under Mission Shakti, Shakti Didi is encouraging women and girls. Despite that, some policemen are tarnishing the image of the entire department.

constable fled from the spot

On the other hand, the victim’s husband alleges that when he protested against the molestation by stopping the constable, the police beat him up. At the same time, when the crowd of local people started increasing, the constable fled from the spot. At the same time, TV9 Bharatvarsh does not confirm this matter but somehow this incident is very shameful.

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