Team India would not have won the match if these ‘two rules’ were not there, after making it 9-0, Rohit Sharma revealed the secret of success in the World Cup.

Team India’s vehicle is running at a gallop in the World Cup 2023. India has won 9 of its 9 matches played between 8 October and 12 November. Meaning victory is 9 and defeat is zero in the account. India registered its 9th win by defeating Netherlands by 160 runs. And with this, India’s invincibility was sealed before the semi-final match. But, what is the reason behind this victory chariot of Team India running on the track of the World Cup? So the answer to this has been given by Commander Rohit Sharma, who was driving that vehicle of the Indian team.

Rohit Sharma revealed the secret of India’s success in the World Cup after defeating Netherlands. Listening to his words, it seemed as if if Team India did not have these two rules then it would not be possible for it to win in this manner. Obviously now your head will be spinning and you will be eager to know about those two rules which have become the winning formula of the Indian team.

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Are these two things like ‘2 rules’ for Team India?

According to what Rohit Sharma said while revealing the secret of India’s success, two things come to our attention, which seems to be a rule for Team India somewhere. The first thing that Rohit said was that he thinks about one match at a time. And the second thing is that every player knows his role very well. If you look back at all the 9 wins of Team India, the effect of these two things will be visible in the wins.

Focus on one match at a time

Now let us know both the things one by one the way Rohit Sharma has explained them. Rohit talked about one match at a time. He said that ever since the tournament has started, the main thing for us is that we will think about one match at a time. We did not try to look too far ahead. We did this because we were constantly playing in different venues and different conditions. Therefore, we had to adapt accordingly.

Every player knows his role

Now let us come to the second thing said by Rohit. Every player of the team knows his role very well. Being the captain, Rohit Sharma is happy with the kind of cricket the team has played in the 9 matches so far. He believed that we are able to do this because in every situation and condition, our different players are seen standing for victory. This is a better sign from a team perspective.

9-0 ok, but no further losing!

9-0. This figure looks good and sounds good. But, now is the real test because now there will be knockout. Team India faces New Zealand in the semi-finals on 15 November. And, losing in this is prohibited. Because defeat here will undo all the hard work of his last 9 wins. Along with Rohit Sharma, the entire Indian team knows this very well. In such a situation, the two things which he has stuck to himself as a rule, it is necessary to use them properly at Wankhede ground in Mumbai also, so that he can get the ticket to Ahmedabad for 19th November.

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