Teachers should do training, otherwise their salary will be deducted… New order of the education department in Bihar

In-service or initial residential training has been made compulsory for the teachers of Bihar. Along with this, the education department has issued an order letter. It warns that the salary of any teacher who does not attend this training will be stopped. Additional Chief Secretary of the Education Department in Bihar, S. Siddharth has issued a departmental letter. In this, he has directed all the District Education Officers, District Program Officers (Establishment) and District Program Officers (Samagra Shiksha) of the state.

In this letter, he has informed that this training is being conducted for the professional development of teachers under the Continuous Professional Development Scheme. This training has been made compulsory for teachers working in all government schools of the state. This training program has been organized by the State Education Research and Training Council. For this, necessary arrangements have been made in all CTE, DIET, PTEC, BITE, Vipar Patna, Vipar Gaya and Council premises of the state.

Training started in July 2023

In this letter, he has told that the training program for teachers was started on 3 July last year. So far, about 6 lakh teachers have received training at various levels. However, there are still a large number of teachers who have not shown interest in joining the training till now. Looking at the situation, he has given this responsibility to all the District Education Officers and District Program Officers (Establishment and Comprehensive Education) of the state.

Salary will be given again only after training

They have been clearly instructed that the salary of those teachers who do not attend the training program by June 30 should be stopped with immediate effect. In this, they have been asked to focus especially on those teachers, teachers, in-charge headmasters, headmasters who have not received any level of training till now despite deputation. They have also made it clear in the same letter that once the salary is stopped, it will be resumed only when the teacher completes the training and obtains the certificate.

Input: Sujeet Kumar, Patna

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