Tata will make helicopters in the country itself, right now it is working vigorously on this task in collaboration with Airbus

The actions of Tata Group are gradually telling us what its target is going to be in the future. For example, it has already taken the lead in electric vehicles. At the same time, its focus is on everything from car scrap centers to semiconductor and iPhone making in the country. Now the news is that it will soon manufacture helicopters in the country. For this, it has also signed a deal with Airbus Helicopters.

The agency has quoted Airbus Helicopters as saying that it is looking for land for helicopter production in India. It will set up the final assembly line (FAL) of the helicopter at this place. It is working in collaboration with Tata Group to find the place.

Airbus helicopters to be manufactured in India

Airbus Helicopters, one of the world’s largest aircraft manufacturing companies, has planned to produce helicopters in India. Sunny Guglani, head of the company’s India and South Asia business, said on Tuesday that the company had decided in January this year that it would promote manufacturing in India. For this, it is going to set up the final assembly line of helicopters here. For this, it will partner with the Tata Group. The location of this unit is to be decided jointly by Airbus and the Tata Group.

Sunny Guglani said, “We are working with the Tata Group to determine the location and prepare this project. Our focus is on how to set up the factory.”

The company has launched the H145 helicopter in India on Tuesday. These helicopters have been introduced in India in collaboration with coastal and sea helicopter service provider Heligo Charters.

Production expected to start from 2026

He said that the company expects to start production in this unit from 2026. Initially, three helicopters will be manufactured here. After that the production will pick up pace. Tata Group subsidiary Tata Advanced Systems Limited had talked about setting up a production unit in collaboration with Airbus Helicopters in January itself. This will be Airbus’ second assembly line in India after setting up a manufacturing unit of C-295 military aircraft in Gujarat.

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