Tamil actor Vishnu Vishal hits back at trolls after sharing a photo featuring Kamal Haasan and Aamir

In a recent social media saga, Tamil actor Vishnu Vishal found himself in the crossfire of fervent Rajinikanth fans after sharing a photo featuring Kamal Haasan and Aamir Khan, affectionately referring to them as superstars in his caption.

Little did he anticipate the storm that would follow, with Rajinikanth’s loyal fanbase asserting that there can only be one Superstar – their beloved Thalaivar.

The controversy erupted on November 14 when Vishnu Vishal posted the now-infamous picture, stating, “A favourite pic with all favourites. Superstars are superstars for a reason (sic).” The seemingly innocent tribute soon turned into a battleground of fandoms, with Rajinikanth enthusiasts flooding the comments section, adamantly proclaiming their idol’s unparalleled Superstar status.

Vishnu Vishal hits back at trolls

Caught in the whirlwind of online backlash, Vishnu Vishal promptly edited his caption, opting for a more neutral tone, “A favourite pic with all favourites. Stars are stars for a reason (sic).” Despite the edit, the virtual battlefield continued to rage, prompting Vishnu to address the matter directly.

  Taking to social media once more, the actor shared a heartfelt message, standing firm in his belief that “superstars are superstars for a reason.” Unfazed by the negativity, he asserted his love for everyone holding the superstar title, emphasizing that there’s room for admiration for those who have achieved beyond his respect.

 In a poignant plea, Vishnu Vishal urged fans to spread love instead of hatred, concluding with a benevolent “God bless.” The actor, known for his roles in films like “Gatta Kusthi,” His much-anticipated film, ‘Lal Salaam,’ co-starring Vikranth and featuring a special cameo by Rajinikanth, is set to hit theaters on Pongal 2024, promising an exciting cinematic experience for fans.

 As Vishnu Vishal navigates the unpredictable seas of social media fandoms, his unwavering message of love and respect stands as a testament to the complexities of celebrity culture and the delicate balance actors must maintain to keep their virtual presence positive and harmonious.

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